And so it begins...

posted Feb 8, 2011, 8:03 AM by David Levy   [ updated Feb 8, 2011, 8:07 AM ]
I have to admit that I am an Apple fan. I don't let it get in the way of my discussions about what's the right solution. My belief is that the personal computer you use is less important than how you use it and what it connects to.

However I did pre-order the original iPad and I got it on the Monday after the launch. Missed my ups delivery, but had to work all weekend so didn't really have time to work with it anyway until the week following.

I have found that the iPad has become my main computer outside the house. It's light, compact and doesn't need a power plug while surfing for more than an hour. That makes it the most useful thing that I currently carry. I don't need a full blown Day-timer or Franklin book to cover my calendar and it syncs wih the cell phone (via google apps) without me needing to do a thing.Top

Top apps as of February 10, 2011:

1. Safari: Sorry if it's anti climatic, but that what I use the most. Access the google apps via safari (mail, docs, and sites) and go through all of my web stuff with only a little extra effort. Could it be improved. Heck yeah. Let's see some tabs. Other browsers have been able to do it. I have been trying to Xmarks and LastPass apps, but I still use Safari the most

2. CloudReader: the best free PDF reader available. No fancy stuff, just displays the page and swipe to move through. Automatically remembers where you left off, even if you delete for space and bring it back. And it just happens to read graphic archives in the comic book formats as well. It allows for a much better experience with slide shows: just take a set of pictures. Throw them into a zip and rename the .zip to .cbz. Auto sizes photos to fit the screen 

3. Plants vs Zombies HD - The kids favorite game app. Can't get the song out of my head.

4. Dropbox: Easiest way to side load content onto your iPad without syncing. Put it into the Dropbox on your computer and it will be available on your iPad. Export to other apps as necessary

5. WSJ: I got onto one of the "professional development" lists that lets me get the physical paper delivered to my home and free access online and on the iPad. My delivery guy is not that great but I can always get the day's articles from the iPad. The "front" pages are easy to go through and load up first. I can look through the headlines while the rest of the newspaper is loading. A key feature for any piece of software that is downloading a lot of content.

Up and Coming
The Daily: Don't know if I will subscribe, but it is looking interesting.
Handwriting Apps: Looking through a bunch of apps that would allow for handwriting and typing. Look for a new post in a week or so...